неделя, 29 януари 2017 г.

Project Pan 2017

Поради не една алергична реакция през 2016-та не успях да постигна желания резултат от Project Pan 2016. Но тази година съм решена да използвам максимално следващите продукти.
Because of more than one allergic reactions in 2016 I wasn't able to achieve the result I wanted from my Project Pan 2016. But this year I am determined to use up to the maximum the next products.
1. Carli Bybel Pallette.
2. Jupiter Ascending Pallette.
3. We Love Arabian Nights Pallette by Essence Cosmetics.
4. Vintage Rose Pallette by Essence Cosmetics.
5. Diamante Pallette by Lollipop Cosmetics.
6. Metallic Pomegranate Color Tattoo Eyeshadow by Maybelline New York.
7. Bella Bronze Eyeshadow by Milani Cosmetics.
8. Miss Atlantis Eyeshadow by Essence Cosmetics.
9. Elizabeth Arden cream blush №3 Honey.
10. Down Boy Blush by theBalm.
11. Come Naturally Lipsrick by Essence Cosmetics.
12. Golden Rose Matte Lipstick 06.
13. Oxford St. Fuchsia 130 Lipstick by Rimmel London.
14.Luminous Violet The One Lipgloss by Oriflame.
15.Golden Orange Lipgloss by Make Up Studio Professional Make Up.
16. Golden Gate Highlighter by Essence Cosmetics.
И знам, че изглежда много, но както споменах, имам огромно желания да използвам на макс тези продукти.

I know it looks a lot but as I mentioned I am determined to use these products to the maximum.

Keep On Smiling!

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